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Elijah ordered Marcel to leave, which he did grudgingly. Marcel led the attack on Elijah but was easily knocked away first before Elijah slaughtered many of the others with help from Hayley. Marcel won’t explain how he controls the witches, but Elijah explains that the blood of a hybrid will cure the fatality of a werewolf bite. The vampires quickly became more powerful. However, Finn releases the hungry vampires to attack the wolves. The mayor steps up as well as the chief of police, they tell them they can co-exist peacefully as long as they listen to the humans. Marcel is ruthless, but not completely without mercy; best demonstrated by the fact that he prefers to kill his victims by snapping necks, as opposed to other Vampires, who use more inhumane methods like heart extraction, decapitation, and staking. Marcel and Klaus grudgingly work together.

à 21h21, PHOTO Sandrine Kiberlain partage un grand moment d’émotion de la vie de sa fille, Suzanne Lindon, Le 09/06/2018 Elle a déjà tout capté. During Marcel's rule, he enforced a system of rules of his creation within the French Quarter, by which all supernatural residents must abide. Marcel is stunned by this. The rest are night-walkers and they like to host a huge party at Marcel's place every night, invite the tourists and feed on them at midnight. However, he is more merciful towards anyone who breaks his other laws, as shown by the countless vampires he kept locked in the Garden instead of killing them, which would take much less effort to do. Marcel, being bold, asks her out for 9 o'clock that evening. In There in the Disappearing Light, Rebekah ended their relationship and continued her own pursuit to defeat Klaus. Rebekah stops Marcel from fighting and tells him to pick up the coin so that Klaus doesn't kill him. Significant kills He likes that she is not a part of the supernatural world. Once he had Elijah alone, and Elijah was beginning to question Marcel's loyalty, Marcel showed him the cursed stake and admitted that he betrayed him, bringing several Strix members with him. Cami and Vincent met him at his gym and questioned him on the recent murders in the city where it looked like compulsion was involved. Josh questioned why they still cared, saying Marcel had played undercover leader, now he could just send them away from New Orleans. He tried to convince Vincent to take a stand instead of letting the witches be led by a boy with loyalty to The Strix, essentially handing over nine covens of witches to Tristan. Later, as Davina and the Sisters performed the spell, Marcel and Hayley tried to stop them but were tossed aside by magic. Unfortunately, when Van tried, the spell was unsuccessful since The Ancestors had already gotten to Davina's spirit and shredded her soul. It is unknown if he would have been strong enough to pull it out if it had gone into his chest like Mikael or Klaus could. When he was introduced, Marcel was shown to apparently be diabolical and dangerous as well as wicked but has since proven himself to be even more moral than Klaus. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In The Big Uneasy, Marcel and Thierry proceed with their plans despite failing to recruit Diego. De 1943 à 1947, il étudie à l'École nationale des chartes à Paris et soutient sa thèse d'archiviste paléographe sur La Vie privée à Avig… He is afraid that she will never trust him again. Their moment was interrupted by Elijah and Freya, with Elijah pinning Marcel to the wall and asking him for forgiveness. They had a strong relationship however Marcel's love for Klaus' sister, Rebekah caused tension to which caused Klaus to give him an ultimatum, vampirism or Rebekah. Marcel met Klaus in the 1800's in New Orleans, after being whipped and beaten on the side of the road, Klaus took him in, named and raised him as his son. Camille is studying and Marcel is "pining" over her. Aiden comes to the loft again to ask for help since Finn wants werewolf child solders in the war and he doesn't want to risk his brother's safety. In Save My Soul, Marcel protects Rebekah against witches such as Josephine LaRue when they want her more specifically Eva for the most recent attack on two teenagers that she killed. Their meeting was interrupted by the arrival of Aya, who had told Marcel she had an offer for him. In Long Way Back From Hell, a distraught Elijah turns to Marcel and Hayley for help when one of his decisions puts Klaus and Rebekah's lives in danger. He shows up at the church, unaware that Klaus paid Davina a visit and asks her what happened when he sees the broken glass everywhere. They chain his arms and they all start ganging up on him. Thanks to the actions of Elijah and Hayley, Papa Tunde is chased off. Human (Originally)Vampire (Niklaus' bloodline)(Broken) (Formerly)Upgraded Original Vampire (Currently) Hayley tried to convince him to let Klaus go so he could see his daughter, Marcel reminded her that he was raised by Klaus and that it hadn't ended well, so maybe Hope was better off not knowing her father. Marcel let Alistair die, having proven his point, but grew nervous that the Mikaelsons had somehow survived his bite and were out there. When he pressed them for information, they were uncooperative as they didn't trust Marcel and didn't see him as a friend. These traits, coupled with the fact that they were both bastards presumably led Klaus into seeing Marcel as someone that Klaus himself was and could still be, given the right circumstances. In Beautiful Mistake, Marcel was contacted by Hayley about a fellow member of The Strix named Shen Min who had been tailing her and she had taken captive. After transitioning into the Beast, Marcel's attitude become quiet and subdued, whilst being angry and upset, having been betrayed by those he considered his family. He seems bitter and hurt by it. Et puis j’adore les films de cette époque : tous les Maurice Pialat, L’Effrontée... Vous avez quelque chose de Charlotte Gainsbourg ! After Elijah was awakened, Davina still completed the spell on Klaus, severing his link to his sireline. He then fled with it in his hand. However, the two celebrated the victory until Marcel returned to his loft to find Josh unconscious and the captive Sofya missing, as the Mikaelsons learned the auction had just been a distraction in a larger scheme made by Lucien Castle. Here are some picks to fill your Watchlist. He confronted him but the witch impaled Marcel with a piece of metal, temporarily incapacitating him. He also sent Elijah an invitation, hoping that he'd be able to attend. Marcel went back to his loft to be alone but was visited by Vincent who showed him he had the serum that had turned Lucien into an unstoppable monster, and offered it to Marcel, so what happened to Camille and Davina wouldn't go unanswered and that the Mikaelsons would finally answer for their crimes. After collecting Lucien's blood, they brought it to Cami to drink but it proved unable to help aid her worsening condition. Hearing it was connected to the disappearance of a witch boy, Marcel was unconvinced that it was as serious of an issue as Vincent believed. Marcel returned home to New Orleans after fighting in World War I. In Exquisite Corpse, he found that Davina was kidnapped by Eva after he learns of her criminal past from Vincent and is reunited with her once she and the other kidnapped victims are saved from Eva. Biographical information Marcel caught Kluas' eye after he threw an apple at a slave overseer after being whipped. Shen taunted Marcel, telling him he had suspected Marcel would be a turncoat. Marcel had the typical weaknesses of a non-Original vampire. Suddenly the werewolves come and bring a dead vampire with them. Klaus says he thought it would be more fun this way. Rebekah is planning everything out but she feels a little guilty I think, but she says she regrets not doing this sooner. Marcel gets a call about the wolf and orders it to be killed. Marcel and Cami almost share a kiss when Diego interrupts to tell him about what happened with Thierry. Klaus' "friend" thinks this girl is a queen. Klaus' blood will heal him and it will be "as though it never happened." In Savior, Marcel arrived at his bar to find Tristan, who explained his plan to ally himself with Van Nguyen and have him become the new Regent since they still needed one to activate The Serratura. They decided that they would scare Klaus away using the Originals' father, Mikael, who had been hunting Klaus for nearly a millennium. In Ashes to Ashes, he calms down an angry Davina as she was tricked into resurrecting Esther instead of Kol. Aya explained that The Strix required his help and it would be in a mission that would put his loyalty to the test. In A Walk on the Wild Side, Tristan contacted Marcel after sending him a mask and tuxedo, inviting him to gala thrown by The Strix. In Wheel Inside the Wheel, Marcel has resumed the search for Elijah and doesn't get any updates. Marcel had grown close to Rebekah over the years, training in the art of fencing with her since he was a boy. Klaus names the boy Marcellus, meaning little warrior. Five years after his transition into an Upgraded Original Vampire, Marcel was shown to be able to fight and throw Elijah around easily, with Elijah barely able to land any hits against Marcel. The next day, Marcel and Klaus are in a bar. View the profiles of people named Marcel Girard. Marcel knows that Rebekah won't kill him, but she will kill Camille. Vincent explained that the power he found was what drove Eva to be that monster and he was worried that power had returned. In Reigning Pain in New Orleans, Marcel and Rebekah made a deal to "trick" Klaus into believing their loyalty. Marcel informed Elijah of his discovery that Tristan and Lucien had actually been aligned the entire time. In Gather Up the Killers, Marcel had run New Orleans for five years after defeating the Mikaelsons and capturing Klaus. Klaus is stabbing Marcel to drain him of his blood. After the successful rescue mission, Marcel goes back to his loft with Hayley and Gia to celebrate. Marcel whistles for his boys and then they become surround. The reason the article has been tagged as such is that it is lacking You may wish to edit it to improve the standard or quality of work present on this article. Their relationship had ended when Rebekah was exiled from New Orleans, never to return. Elijah comes to Marcel for aid in looking for the white oak stake. In The Casket Girls, Marcel is first seen with Rebekah and he tries to speak with her, but she pushes him away saying that he doesn't have any right to touch her since he sided with Klaus. She is on team Marcel. Marcel tells him he didn't and detects she's someone special to Klaus. Then he leaves. They grew closer as he told her of his dark past and provided her comfort as her uncle Kieran was cursed with a hex. She assured him it would be fine and he might feel warmth when the spell began but it would pass once it was broken. Many German soldiers (During World War I)Members of the Guerrera Family (1925 AD)New Orleans WerewolvesJane-Anne DeverauxTina (In Transition)Police ChiefBastianna Natale (2nd time)Monique Deveraux (2nd time)Gia (as a human) Rebekah walks in and interrupts them. When Davina comes to Klaus and Marcel to get back Tim, she attacks him and blames him for betraying her. After one nightwalker wins, Klaus speeds in and breaks her neck which gets Marcel's attention. Marcel met with Davina at his gym, warning her that The Strix needed her to take down the Mikaelsons. Marcel tells him that he has to earn his friendship. In Sinners and Saints, it was revealed that Marcel's cruelty was only to protect Davina, who was supposed to be used in a blood sacrifice so the witches in the French Quarter could keep their powers. Outside of Rousseau's Marcel and Gia spy on Cami's date with Finn to make sure it goes well. Marcel elaborated that Elijah was the type of person who needed to fix broken things. Once the spell was completed, Marcel took Davina to his loft, fearing Klaus' retaliation but she was furious with him for not believing in her and trying to stop the spell. Marcel reacted defensively, telling some of his men to remove her from the building. At some point, Marcel decided that Klaus had suffered enough and released him from the torment of Papa Tunde's Blade, showing mercy which he claimed Klaus asked for. Lucien reminded him about the prophecy that stated Klaus's sireline would fall and burn, prompting Marcel to try to stop Aya. As the blade started sinking into his chest, Marcel used his advanced strength to stop the blade's progress and pulled it out but not before the Mikaelsons escaped the compound. It was around that time that Davina's powers began to grow out of control and began to endanger the people of New Orleans, leaving them no other choice but to go through with the Harvest ritual to stop the plague of earthquakes, windstorms, torrential rain and wildfires that were intended to consume the town. Marcel met with her, happy to see she was okay and no longer hexed, but was suspicious of the timing. Marcel recalls the last time he saw her (when Mikael was burning the city down and they fled). It is unknown if the serum grants any increase in strength or speed before its host's death but Marcel managed to throw Klaus back and flying through the air with one hand, and whilst throwing an Original or a vampire into the air wouldn't truly be a notable feat for a vampire or any other entity with super-strength, what does make this notable is that Klaus was using his own powers to try and stop Marcel from "taking" the serum. He took her in as family. Klaus says he does, because he mourned him for years after he escaped New Orleans and hugs him. Following the Mikaelsons' absence and the subsequent power vacuum in the city's supernatural community, Marcel to eventually rose to be the leader of the vampire faction continuing to build up their numbers by carefully turning humans into his kind. Marcel is unfazed by Klaus' threats and coldly tells him he can either use it on him or go back to his stupid party but he starts to get concerned when Klaus gleefully threatens to kill his friends. Marcel toast to it and Klaus seems quite pleased. Klaus says that either he's lost his touch, or maybe Marcel had. After Tristan de Martel was disposed of, Marcel became the leader of the Strix. Join Facebook to connect with Marcel Girard and others you may know. The Originals (TVD)Always and Forever (TO) He pointed out that Marcel had another witch, since Gia now had a daylight ring. The Hollow also uses the face of Klaus to achieve this. The two entered a duel to determine who got the charter but Marcel took the opportunity to snatch the charter, reminding them that all the rules dictated was that someone had to have the charter at midnight, not the specifics on how they did that. Marcel told Davina about Aya's plan to execute Klaus and possibly Elijah and that if the spell didn't work, he would die when Klaus was killed. Elijah then comes in and offers the army vampire fighting lessons. In The Bloody Crown, Marcel reveals himself to the Mikaelsons as an Upgraded Original Vampire, shocking them all. As was the norm, the Mikaelson children fled New Orleans after his arrival, a long cat-and-mouse game they played with their father. When Marcel says he knows how to deal with Klaus, Elijah comes in to talk to him. he wants her to find out how to kill an Original. When Rebekah tells him that it is hopeless to help Davina and Davina agrees to complete the Harvest. Marcel gathered Alistair and his followers to the compound to show them Klaus. Marcel was also banished from the French Quarter by Elijah due to Rebekah and his great betrayal from 1919. Plan de site 5. A flashback is shown and we see that young Marcel and Elijah are very close with each other, having a teacher-student relationship. Marcel also left Davina in Genevieve's care in order to protect her. She even had a tape recorder in her purse to tape their conversations. Marcel tried to fight back as Davina screamed for him to help her but Elijah snapped his neck. The latter via decapitation, as he needed her death to resurrect Davina. Davina is Marcel's favorite witch. Klaus is on his own and the battle begins. First seen Kol relented, snapping out of his mania, and he promised Marcel he would never hurt Davina. They arrive to a parking garage to find a man and a woman in the back of a van. In the present time, Marcel finds out Davina has the white oak stake and tries to convince Davina to give it up to no avail. Klaus, impressed with his defiance, and feeling as though the two were kindred spirits, decided to adopt the boy into his family as his ward. Klaus wants Marcel's house. The Hollow tried to influence them, hoping to use them as an anchor to act more directly in the living world. Marcel tells him he can have it all but he will never have loyalty from anyone. His taunts worked and Vincent displayed his power in anger, explaining that he would do as Marcel wished and take the regency but, to Marcel's surprise, Vincent promised him that he wouldn't like what he did with the Regent title. Marcel denied any of his vampires being responsible, reminding him that he wasn't the only vampire in the city. Marcel has been able to greatly stagger Klaus with a single punch, knocking him off balance, in another episode he managed to disarm Klaus of Papa Tunde's dagger with only one hand and during the penultimate episode, he went toe-to-toe with Klaus and even if very briefly, dominated the fight before inevitably being defeated by the Original Hybrid. He tells her that he knew her family and how they had many enemies, even among other werewolves. In A Ghost Along the Mississippi, after The Strix succeeded in having Vincent activate The Serratura and taking Hayley hostage, Marcel was present after the Mikaelsons struck back by taking Aurora captive, viewing the aftermath with Tristan and Aya. He tells them about wanting blood and becoming a vampire, but only one of them gets to live. There was no evidence of who. Klaus arrives to help but is also overcome by Papa Tunde. After being attracted to Rebekah since childhood and finally falling under his feelings, Klaus gave him a choice: to undagger Rebekah and live out their days together until Marcel grows old or be turned into a vampire. Lucien, however, told Marcel that it wasn't just about de-siring, but also an execution. Marcel made clear that he only joined The Strix to figure out what they wanted with his city and was uneasy about possibly blowing his cover to investigate the society's leader. When Tristan ordered The Strix to attack the Originals, Marcel heeded Aya to stand down since they would lose far too many Strix members if they tried.

Prière Pour Révélation Choses Cachées Pdf, Colis Shein En Transit, Recherche Terrain Agricole à Louer En Martinique, Trouver Un Encadreur Doctorat, Ben Humoriste Et Sa Femme, Philippe Folliot Sénateur, Salaire Designer D'intérieur, Basque Ou Grec 3 Lettres,